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Please take note of the following points before scheduling an appointment:

The reason for booking an appointment is two-fold; 1) To allow me to keep my workload regulated and to keep my operation meticulously organized and 2) to allow me to spend the time that is required to discuss your needs without interruption.

It is NOT necessary to book an appointment if:

a) you are an existing client that needs to come and see me about a project which is ongoing (as examples: to see a design that we have I have been working on, to look at diamonds I have brought in to show you, or to proceed with a project and put down the predetermined deposit). Please contact me via the email address we have been using or phone me so that I can fit you into my schedule more immediately and make direct arrangements with you- without the need for you to wait more than a week to come in and continue with your commissioned project.

b) You need repairs, modifications or sizings done- whether I made the piece or not. These projects do not require the same amount of time to discuss and I am very flexible where it comes to accommodating such jobs. But, seeing as I may be tied up with a consultation, I always prefer if you could call me to see if it is convenient to drop by with a repair.

Referring to both (a) and (b) above, some clients prefer to book an appointment if they have the time to wait (not particularly time-sensitive or in a rush) or they prefer it for their own scheduling purposes. Feel free to book an appointment if this applies to you.

Please call me directly at 613 482 1926 if you need more immediate assistance and I will do my best to accommodate you.

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